quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

When the night falls

She is a sad and lonely girl, she studies in a big College, she rarely speaks, she has a deep and distant look, she just smiles when she feels the touch of a butterfly on her skin, the same feeling of a sunny afternoon, she looks kindly to it , its colors, its sweet and light flight, with no hurry and without the problems that bothers her a lot.

She loves to write at night , about the flowers, about the colorful butterflies, it is where she meets herself with the doubts and answers to her own problems.

She sleeps a few minutes and dreams with the rain softly falling among colorful and musical drops , she dreams of the happiness of flying in other worlds, where a strong and kindly prince, with his long and golden hair, recites sweet poems of love, her sea of love, deep sea, and her sky becomes a colorful one, an amethyst sky, that beautifully shines in her eyes.

But, She awakes softly, she returns to her reality, she always cries when she sees the moon dying in her amethyst sky, with her dreams of love.

She has a secret,
during the intense moonlit nights when the moon comes up, she turns into a neon butterfly, and flies to inhabit other dreams,
 painful dreams of impossible love.

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